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First Leg Of Trip: Las Vegas (Venetian and Paris)

Although travel can be stressful for people, we actually love it. Every year we’ve visited Hawaii, we always stop first in Las Vegas for a couple days, then travel on to Hawaii. It makes a nine to ten hour flight into two smaller flights which is so much better. I’ve made the direct flight before, but with kids, we seem to better splitting it up. Plus, we LOVE going to Las Vegas any chance we get.

Our routine this year was about the same, except we had a lot of boxes that we shipped with us. This ended-up being kind of pointless, as we later found that we didn’t need all the extra clothes, jackets, etc. We could have made the entire trip with our regular luggage just fine.Sitting with the girls at the Forum Shops

We landed in Vegas and picked-up a taxi to the Venetian. I had several free nights here and then a couple free nights at Paris. Well, I’m not going to get to deep into the Vegas part, (check out Las Vegas Trip Report for that,) but it was an awesome trip. We were there for about six or seven days, and we landed on Christmas Eve. We took the girls up to the Stratosphere observation deck and they got to see Santa from at the top of the Stratosphere. 

Here’s a picture of the girls and me at the Forum Shoppes. We always walk over and shop, and I have to stop at Fat Tuesday’s for a High Octane with an extra shot (puts me under!) It had only been a few months since we’d been here last, and we brought a good friend last time. So this trip was a bonus. Our only really stressful part of the Vegas trip was when we started calling out to Maui to find a hotel for the next part of the journey, only to find that everything was booked. We must have tried 50 hotels, and we were starting to get worried, as we had a flight scheduled for (I think) December 29 or 30. Well, we finally got a reservation at the Maui Ocean Club on Kaanapali, and it cost us pretty dearly for not booking in advance. 

After our stay at the Venetian, and after balling for a good hour or two, we left for the second part of our Vegas trip to Paris. I’d never stayed at Paris, and all in all it wasn’t too bad, but if you’ve ever stayed at The Venetian, there’s really no other place that compares. I’ve stayed at the Bellagio, and almost all the other popular strip hotels. The Venetian rocks. Also, I was starting to come down with a cold, so I wasn’t feeling like packing everything to move down the street. We brought way too much crap!

I didn’t have any big wins this trip, and also fortunately didn’t lose much. I’m hoping to get back to Vegas in June when the girls are on summer vacation. We finished our Vegas trip and flew out to Maui on December 29, knowing this time it would be home!!!

Second Part of Trip: Maui (Maui Ocean Club, Best Western)

We landed on Maui, thinking this really may be home. We got a rental van, and made our way to Maui Ocean Club. Amazingly, a friend from home was staying two floors above us! We had no idea he and his wife would be staying here as well. It was raining like crazy the first couple nights here. We spent a lot of time driving around looking at homes. We had a couple good contacts for rentals, and the best we found was Maui Leasing. I’d come across Karen’s number in the Maui newspaper, the Maui News. I pulsed the Maui News day after day in the few weeks before our final move. Karen did a good job showing us places to rent, which we would have rented one of her properties if we’d decided on Maui.Sunset from Kimo's Lanai  The highlight of the first few days was visiting my favorite restaurant in the whole world, Kimos in Lahaina. See picture. This is from New Year’s Eve, overlooking the sunset in the back.

After a few days at the Maui Ocean Club, we moved over to the Best Western in Kihei. This worked all right, but it was extremely tiny. If you’ve stayed here before, you know what I mean. The beach is beautiful, and we really liked Kihei. We thought, originally, we would end-up in Kihei. Well, we were 90% sure about staying here, but we decided to fly over to the Big Island to visit Hilo and Kona, even though we thought we’d fly back to Maui within a week or two.

Third Part of Trip: The Big Island (home!)

Well, we left for the Big Island on around January 3. The weird thing is, we didn’t book a return flight, even though we really thought we’d be back to Kihei or somewhere in Maui. We landed in Kona, and stayed at the King Kamehameha Inn. We started puttering around Kona in a rental van and were amazed at how beautiful it is. We drove all over Kona and down through Captain Cooks. Someone recommended we visit Waikoloa Village, which we immediately fell in love with.  More later! 

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